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This is web page of Libor Kramoliš's GDD 2011 Arduino/ADK project.


This is Libor Kramoliš's GDD 2011 Arduino/ADK project. It is small fountain. It reproduces music by water. Music is requested via Twitter. Tweet has to contain #lapardon tag and music notation placed between brackets [ and ]. Supported note characters are 'cCdDefFgGabh' and rest (pause) character is '|'.


LaPardon Twitter

Do you want to request LaPardon application to "play" your music? Tweet it. It's easy. Follow next rules:

  • Use tag #lapardon - the tag is searched by Android application
  • Music notation is placed between brackets [ and ] - any other text outside is ignored
  • Supported note characters are 'cCdDefFgGabh' - while upper case chars means sharp variant (Cis, Dis, Fis, Gis)
  • Rest (pause) character is '|'
It is not possible to change note or rest durations. There is just one fix duration for all notes. Keep in mind. ;-)


  • One octave [cCdDefFgGabh] #lapardon
  • Up and down [cCdDefFgGabh | hbaGgFfeDdCc] #lapardon

Twitter Widget

On the right side of this page, you can see two Twitter Widgets:

  • LaPardon Runtime - LaPardon application tweets about it's runtime, what is going on
  • LaPardon Requests - your LaPardon playing requests with tag #lapardon

LaPardon House

Just touch big G on the house and first playing request from a queue is processed. ;-) See green LED that blinks during playing.



Sources for Android, Arduino and also for AppEngine (AAA sources ;-) ) are available on GitHub -


Build of Android application is available here.


Excuse me. I'm not a musician. I'm not Android developer. I'm neither Arduino developer.

But I love technologies and this was just a challenge! ( Maybe too big. :-o )


Libor Kramoliš

Author of whole project.

Ondřej Košatka

Android project setup, Twitter communication implemented. Moral and technical support.

Petr Blažek

We both got ADK to create GDD project. Moral and technical support.

Martin Mareš

Author of idea to connect water pump with ADK. Thank you, really thanks. ;-)

My Family

This project is dedicated to my family because they lost my time I spend on LaPardon activity. They also created beautiful LaPardon house.

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